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Just another day [Apr. 9th, 2005|12:21 am]
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |Hillary Duff - Let the Rain Fall Down]

Went out to the detail. Some chick dropped me today with a little help from yours truly. I could tell when all four of them lifted each corner of the stretcher that she was having problems. So when they loaded me onto the bed of the humvee and then she got on and another guy to do the two person carry to spin me sideways and put me on the rails of the humvee, I leaned as hard as I could to her side and she dropped me. It was hilarious. I'm an ass.

Anyway afterwards I went to the gym with one of our new guys and managed to lock most of my shit including all my keys in the locker. I then called Ryle and walked back to the barracks and got a ride to get a pair of bolt cutters. Cut the lock, got my shit. Took the new guy out to help him square away some shit. Came back to the barracks and got Ryle and we went to Super King Buffet and had dinner. Came back and watched some Sealab and Joe showed up.

With a lighsaber!!! He bought one of those Force FX Lightsabers for $120 at Best Buy. It's soooo cool! Makes all kinds of noises and reacts to how you move it. Thinking about getting one. He's getting a motorcyle tomorrow, just up and selling his car and getting a bike. Tomorrow. I plan to go with him after the detail is done with. I also plan on learning to ride it and maybe getting one of my own. We really don't need cars that much here. I'm not sayinig for sure or anything. Just thinking.

Anyway, Joe went home and now I'm just sitting here getting sleepy.